Jen S, age 56, Financial Advisor, Klamath Falls OR

“Finally, it’s time for me!

I have a ‘keg on legs’ body type. My whole life I have felt uncomfortable with the ring of body fat around my middle, making it hard to breathe and fit into clothes.

With a flexible program designed for me, working with exercises and food I like, and the accountability to see it through, I am nearly at my goal weight.

Best yet, with coaching, I am learning how to live my best life, while I maintain my new habits, so I can look forward to a healthy old age.”

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Wendy G, age 79, Professional Potter, Kennebunkport ME


“In a matter of months, I have shed 12 pounds of fat, and feel strong in my body. I can squat again!

When I reached out to Kim, I was feeling scared and hopeless about staring 80 in the face.

She helped me figure out my diet, and gave me exercises I can do from home, on my own schedule. I never feel lonely because I have her videos in the app. She shows me how to do the exercises safely on our video calls.

I am thriving on the structure, accountability, and support I get from having a coach, and using the TrueCoach app everyday!”

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Bridget P, age 55, Entrepreneur, Santa Rosa CA

“I procrastinated about fitness for years because it seemed hard. Actually, with Kim it’s joyful! She is so kind and inspiring!

I love that she creates exercises just for me, for my goals. I can workout at home, with my own equipment, on my schedule.

I started feeling more positive and energized right away. I totally recommend her!”

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Laurie G, age 57, Pharmacist, Klamath Falls OR

“I often work 12 hour shifts at the hospital and my schedule always changes.

It’s hard to find a consistent time in the day to work out and I would feel too tired and talk myself out of working out.

Until I started working with Kim I could not get momentum!

I’ve always been a cardio girl. I could run and hike but I felt like my upper body was useless.

She’s helped me get my upper body stronger, I was seriously like a T Rex before we started. Kim is teaching me how to get my whole body working together as one unit.

Now I am standing straighter and feeling more confident. My boobs are even getting more perky as my chest opens up!” :-)

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Sierra H, age 37, Loan Officer, Salem OR

“Before I began working with Kim I was in a nasty cycle of yoyo dieting.  I would lose 10-20 pounds then put back on 30.  A stressful day at work, a celebration, or vacation would totally throw me off track and I would not go back to my healthy habits for weeks or months.  

I often felt frustrated with myself for falling back into an unhealthy relationship with food and lack of consistency with exercise.  I also felt very unhappy with my body and how tight my clothes felt.

Kim provided me with the tools to see past just the weight gain/loss and really dig deep into nutrition.  She helped me fall in love with exercise, especially weight training. She also helped me tackle the mental aspects of fitness and find my why.  

Now I can go on vacation, celebrate holidays, and have stressful days at work without falling off the wagon of eating good nutritious food and working out.  I’ve learned to enjoy a day or two of partying, but then get back on my healthy routine because it makes me feel good.  

I am now 30 pounds lighter! I’m no longer afraid of the scale because I know how to eat well and stay active.  I don’t crave greasy food and sugar anymore.  I would rather have some lean protein and veggies because they make me feel so good.  I now feel confident to move forward as a healthy, active woman.

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